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Friday, September 12, 2014

Women in Pain 'Survey' Results

as shared by National Pain Report | Sept 12, 2014

The National Pain Report today released its survey results on Women in Pain.

More than 2,400 women who suffer from chronic pain completed the survey. It is the largest survey response we have ever had.

We're not surprised, because this is a very important and under reported topic.

We learned many things. For instance:
  • 90% of women feel they have been discriminated against by the healthcare system. 
  • 84% feel they have been treated differently by doctors because they are women. 
We invite you to see the results of the entire survey on the National Pain Report website: Women in Pain Survey Results. (There's a response section at the end of the survey. If you have thoughts, share them and we might use some of them in future news content.)

By the way, we shared these results this morning (Friday) in Los Angeles at the annual meeting of our survey partner, For Grace, which is a non profit dedicated to the issue of Women in Pain.

Thank you again for participating and for supporting the National Pain Report, the largest online news site dedicated to covering chronic pain.

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