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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Pacific Alliance on Disability Self-Advocacy (PADSA) offer technical assistance and training

as posted by the Pacific Alliance on Disability Self-Advocacy (PADSA)

We work to “turbo-charge” statewide Self Advocacy Movements.

We work to “turbo-charge” statewide Self Advocacy Movements.The Pacific Alliance on Disability Self-Advocacy (PADSA) is a project run by the Autistic Self Advocacy Network. We assist self-advocacy groups in California, Oregon, Washington and Montana with technical assistance and training. Technical assistance often means working one on one with a group to make their organization stronger.
We help self advocacy groups assess [study] their strengths and growth areas, develop goals, and then pursue those goals. Most of our work focuses on increasing organizational capacity [a group’s ability to do something]. Topic areas focus on fundraising, building strong leadership, utilizing technology more, and improving communication skills. We also connect groups we work with to funders, policy makers, advocates, and other important “movers and shakers”.
Looking for resources? Our webinarsresource guides, and materials are all on our website. The Bulletin Board is a place where self advocacy groups can share information with each other.
Want to learn more? http://pacific-alliance.org/

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