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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Websites and the ADA "Accessibility in the Digital Age" Legal Webinar Sept. 22nd

The Great Lakes ADA Center will be hosting a free legal webinar on Websites and the ADA on Monday September 22nd from 2-3:30 EDT/1-2:30 CDT. 

 This webinar will review the legal theories on applying the ADA to the internet, discuss the case law analyzing this issue, and review recent settlement agreements. Rachel Weisberg and I will be the presenters for this webinar. Participants will receive a powerpoint presentation and a legal brief providing more detailed analysis.

When the ADA was enacted in 1990, the internet had not yet become such an important part of people's lives, including the lives of people with disabilities. Now that the internet has become such an integral tool for businesses, employers and governmental entities, courts have been grappling with how the ADA applies to websites. Also, the Department of Justice has announced it will be revising its regulations to address website accessibility. This webinar will review the legal theories on applying the ADA to the internet and discuss the case law analyzing this issue. Don't miss this session as accessibility moves beyond ramps and onto the world wide web.

  • Barry Taylor Vice President of Civil Rights and Systemic Litigation
  • Rachel M. Weisberg Staff Attorney, Equip For Equality
To participate in this legal webinar, go to http://www.ada-audio.org/Webinar/ADALegal/ Please note that to participate you must register at least 24 hours before the webinar.

For the Great Lakes ADA Center: http://www.adagreatlakes.org/

For Equip For Equality: http://www.equipforequality.org/

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