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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Illinois Community Living to support people with disabilities: letters to the editor

as appeared in the Chicago Tribune: Letters To The Editor | Sept 2, 2014

Close the state institution in Centralia, Murray Developmental Center

The Arc of Illinois appreciates the strong editorial support for closing antiquated state institutions in Illinois in “When Illinois chewed up a life” (Editorial, Aug. 29). This is good public policy because instead of wasting away people’s lives in state institutions, we are putting our limited resources into community living by supporting people with disabilities close to family and friends. Research has proven that small group homes are healthier and safer for people with the most severe disabilities.

David Tom regained his freedom after 31 dreadful years, but today, far too many Illinois citizens with intellectual disabilities remain isolated from the community in antiquated state institutions. We commend Gov. Pat Quinn for his efforts to rebalance the disability system here in Illinois because it is good public policy and the right thing to do.

We also call on legislators to support the governor’s rebalancing efforts, including the closure of the state institution in Centralia, Murray Developmental Center.

-- Tony Paulauski, executive director, the Arc of Illinois, Frankfort


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