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Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Coffee Klatch Radio: virtual cup of coffee for parents of special needs children

A virtual cup of coffee for parents of special needs children. We bring you award winning authors, expert psychiatrists, psychologists, physicians, advocates and internationally renowned children's foundations to help you raise your ... special needs child. You are your child's best advocate - if not you then who - become an informed educated parent.

Mission Statement:

The Coffee Klatch started on a whim. I often speak and write about the isolation, stigma and confusion of parents raising a special needs child. Many of those 
parents are on twitter to share information, seek support or find a friendly ear. Twitter is where it all began. It is where I met my incredible team of moderators and thousands of special needs parents. It is where we created a morning chat for parents both newly diagnosed and those who have navigated the muddy waters to meet and share. It became very apparent to me, very quickly, that many of these parents were getting misinformation or were not aware of accommodations and the importance of early interventions. They were struggling, overwhelmed, isolated and feeling defeated.

Although our moderators have all been special needs parents or advocates for quite a while and are very knowledgeable, we are parents and not medical professionals. What these parents needed was the best cutting edge research, information and resources available. What these parents needed was the best of the best, what these parents needed was The Coffee Klatch Talk Radio.

We take pride in providing interviews with the most respected and renowned experts in the world. We feature experts on all children’s disabilities both physical and emotional and spotlight International children’s foundations to share their incredible dedication and bring parents support. Our goal is to provide you, the parent, with crucial information to allow you to make the most informed educated decisions for your child.

I want to give parents what I so dearly needed and did not have when I started on my journey, the empowerment of confidence and hope. It is my hope to bring you the tools to not only accept and understand your child’s diagnosis, but to educate parents on special education law, digging out of the trenches and the true meaning of advocacy.

The Coffee Klatch – Special Needs Coffee Klatch Ltd – is a not for profit corporation dedicated to provided resources and educational programs for special needs families.

Welcome to The Coffee Klatch,
Marianne Russo

# For The Coffee Klatch, visit:  http://thecoffeeklatch.com

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