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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

TravelinWheels.com : Provide Travelers With Disabilities a New Perspective on Accessibility: 2011

TravelinWheels.com Launches to Provide Travelers With Disabilities a New Perspective on Accessibility

Searchable database of travel destinations offers essential information on accessible products, services, and amenities

SCHAUMBURG, Ill., June 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- TravelinWheels, LLC answers the question many people with disabilities face when traveling; "Will the places I want to go to be accessible to me?" By incorporating a searchable database that provides detailed accessibility information for lodging, restaurants, stores, transportation, attractions and tours, as well as information on medical services in the area, www.travelinwheels.com seeks to provide the details consumers with disabilities need to travel confidently around the globe.

www.travelinwheels.com seeks to be THE community resource for travelers with mobility, sight, hearing, and stature impairments. The objective, searchable, database information is further complimented with the ability for travelers to share their stories and reviews, as well as provide accessibility details that they have acquired, by signing up for the TravelinWheels Ambassador Program. Travelers are also able to book their own travel on the website through a partnership with a leading booking engine or find referral information for specialists in accessibility travel.

Michell Haase, Founder of TravelinWheels, knows firsthand the muddy waters of disability travel. She has traveled much of the world with her daughter, a wheelchair athlete with Spina Bifida, and has had many mishaps and adventures as a result of a lack of information. She is an advocate for living a healthy, active lifestyle that includes adaptive recreation along with travel. Many of her travel blogs revolve around active pursuits, including adaptive skiing, camping, and other activities while on the road.

"Many times, well-meaning hospitality providers inform a person with a disability that a property is ADA-accessible; however, the property may still not be the best fit," says Haase. "We examine the places people want to go to, and give frank, objective information about the destinations so that travelers know the lay of the land, providing information for everything from how to travel to the destination to getting around, lodging, sightseeing, and places to go in case of emergency."

TravelinWheels staff members visit properties to examine the parking, lobbies, and staff, down to toilet and bed heights in hotel rooms, so that travelers know in advance what they are getting. Encouraging well-seasoned travelers to share their experiences lets everyone know what is truly possible. It's also of benefit to the hospitality providers to market their properties to this community, which is one of the fastest growing consumer groups on the planet.

www.travelinwheels.com launched on May 20, 2011, with its first three cities, Chicago, Washington D.C., and New Orleans. They have several destinations already planned for the rest of the year, and have built relationships with global partners to bring world destinations to the website in the near future.

About TravelinWheels

TravelinWheels, LLC is an Illinois company founded in 2010 by Michell Haase, a seasoned web professional who has worked with several Fortune 500 companies. Their mission is to encourage, inspire and enable disability travel. For more information, contact them at info@travelinwheels.com.

SOURCE TravelinWheels, LLC

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