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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Chicago: No-Fee City Vehicle Stickers Program for persons with a qualifying disability.

as posted by Office of the City Clerk | City of Chicago | Susana A. Mendoza, City Clerk ...

Senior Citizen Discount
“My renewal form doesn’t show the $30.00 price. How can I still get my senior discount?”
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Per City Ordinance, residents 65 years and older can purchase one discounted vehicle sticker ($30.00) per year. The following requirements and restrictions apply:
purchaser must be 65 years or older
purchaser must possess a valid Illinois driver’s license
the vehicle that the sticker is being purchased for must be a passenger or a large passenger vehicle (See our Pricing page to view vehicle types.)

The Annual Residential Zone Parking feature may be added for $25.00 if the purchaser resides in a residential parking zone.

A Vehicle Sticker at the Senior Citizen discount price can be purchased at any in-person sales locations. Please see the Store Locator to find a convenient location.

Antique Vehicle Discount
An antique show vehicle is an automobile that is 25 years or older and used exclusively for shows or exhibitions. To qualify for this, the vehicle must have an Illinois antique motor vehicle (AV) license plate. Please note: antique vehicles used for every-day, non-exhibition purposes do not qualify for this discount.

Charitable Vehicle Discount
No-Fee Charitable City Vehicle Stickers can be issued for vehicles that:
hold 11 or more passengers and
are owned and used by tax-exempt organizations.

To receive a no-fee sticker for such a vehicle, the applicant must provide:
a copy of the vehicle registration
a state issued tax-exempt letter showing that the organization is a not-for-profit organization

For more information and to purchase, please contact the Office of the City Clerk
– General Licensing Department: (312) 744-6774.

Discounts for Ex-POWs, Disabled Veterans, and Purple Heart Veterans
An ex-prisoner of war, purple-heart veteran, or disabled veteran with Illinois XP, PR, or DV plates or a DD-214 with purple heart designation may obtain a CityVehicle Sticker for no-fee.

The Annual Residential Zone Parking feature may be added for $25.00 if purchaser resides in residential parking zone.

Disabled Persons Discount
As a continuing service to our disabled constituents and in accordance with City Ordinance, the City Clerk offers a No-Fee City Vehicle Stickers to persons with a qualifying disability.

The Annual Residential Zone Parking feature may be added at no additional cost for those living in a residential zone.

Please download the Disability City Vehicle Sticker form to see eligibility requirements and to apply.

Applications are accepted from March 15 to June 15 each year. Mail or deliver all contents of the application to:
Office of the City Clerk
Attn: Disability Sticker
121 North LaSalle St, Room 107
Chicago, IL 60602-1295



Anonymous said...

Disabled Persons Discount page not found

Jim Watkins said...

This post is from Saturday, March 15, 2014, at the time of the post all information was current, in 2015 as with all programs things change.