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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

‘The Price is Right’ a contestant who uses a wheelchair - wins a treadmill

On Today's (May 5th) episode of “The Price is Right,” a contestant was a woman who uses a wheelchair won a treadmill.
YouTube published by tpir
Danielle was playing the “1RightPrice” game when Drew Carey asked the show’s announcer to reveal the prizes, a sauna and a treadmill. She correctly guessed the price of the $3,695 sauna, meaning she also won the $2,400 treadmill.

Viewers took to Twitter to express confusion over the prize given to Danielle. To her credit, she appeared to be genuinely thrilled with her win.

I personally would of been thrilled also, as would sell or give to a relative that promised me the treadmill would not turn into a place to hang clothes, I could also use it for that.

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