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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Mental Health Rally in Chicago May 13th! Come and Show Your Support!

as shared by National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) of Chicago

Come and show your support for mental health on May 13 at the Thompson Center 100 W. Randolph St. in Chicago!
The rally will be from 12pm-1pm and will feature different individuals affected by the mental health funding cuts! Please join with us to show your support for mental health and mental health funding!
Advocacy is an important part of both the history of NAMI Chicago and our current activities. Our advocacy efforts, today as in the past, are focused on decreasing the stigma surrounding mental illnesses. Stigma is the single largest problem in the wide array of issues associated with mental illness. Societal, cultural, familial, and personal ignorance and fear fuel and perpetuate the misunderstanding. Self-stigma, blaming oneself for the illness, deters help-seeking for both consumers and family members.
AdvocatesWe strive to empower individuals living with a mental illness and family members in their recovery journeys by teaching them how to overcome self-stigma and to advocate effectively for themselves. Educating individuals living with a mental illness and family members about the facts about mental illnesses, their rights, and available services, enhances their ability to access quality services.
Efforts to educate the broader community include an annual mental health rally, meeting with local legislators about support for mental health related legislation, and providing consultation and/or speakers for a broad array of community agencies and organizations. We also partner with a variety of coalitions to help bring about favorable public policies, and actively participate in the Mental Health Summit, a collaboration of mental health organizations from across the state of Illinois and the Responsible Budget Coalition.
More information about current advocacy opportunities in Illinois is available on the Mental Health Summit website.
Check out some of our recent advocacy efforts in the media:
WBEZ Mental Health Awareness and Law Enforcement, Education Programs Manager Ashley Fontaine speaks on NAMI Chicago’s involvement in the CIT program for Chicago Police.

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