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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Don't Freak Out Guide to Parenting Kids with Asperger's

Don't Freak Out... You are not alone!

You are half way through grocery shopping and can tell that your Aspie is about to melt down. You know you should just 86 the whole thing but you really need milk, bread and coffee. Eventually your child can't stand it anymore and falls to the floor in anger and frustration!

The outside world sees a big sobbing and screaming kid having a fit. You see the truth; your baby has fallen off the wall and you need to help put this little Humpty Dumpty back together again. Unlike the fairy tale, none of the Kings Horses and none of the Kings Men are coming to help. But you are not alone. We get it. We've been there. And we will guide you to a calmer, happier place of acceptance and appreciation.

The Don't Freak Out Guide to PARENTING KIDS WITH ASPERGER'S will guide you through a simple process that will allow you to:
Break the cycle of worry, anger and guilt.
Show you a new way to view your child.
Help you to become a leader in your child's life.
Offer you support, hope and even a few laughs along the way.

Meet the Author
Sharon Fuentes is an award winning freelance writer, humor columnist and special needs parenting expert. She has branched out and is now applying her light, conversational and witty approach to writing to the public speaking realm in an effort to spread autism acceptance.

Neil McNerney, M.Ed., LPC is a licensed counselor, adjunct faculty member, speaker and author of Homework - A Parent's Guide To Helping Out Without Freaking Out! His dynamic and engaging approach to helping parents is refreshing and effective. He travels nationally speaking to professionals and parents on parenting and childhood issues.

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