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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Illinois Medicaid Payment Cuts to Complex Rehab Technology for participants with significant disabilities

as posted by Access2CRT, for further info please contact them.

Must be Reversed to Preserve Access for People with Disabilities

Illinois Medicaid participants with significant disabilities depend on specialized wheelchairs, seating systems, and other adaptive equipment to meet their medical needs, maximize their function and independence, and minimize their health care costs. This medically necessary and individually configured equipment is referred to as Complex Rehab Technology (CRT).

Unfortunately access to this specialized equipment is being threatened by major Medicaid payment cuts. The small number of CRT providers in Illinois that supply these products and supporting services have been hit with multiple unexpected cuts from (1) an unannounced April change in the CRT payment methodology and (2) a just announced May 1st across-the-board payment cut of 16.75%. As a result, the two largest CRT providers in the State have been forced to temporarily suspend the provision of almost all CRT products and services. If nothing is done to reverse these major cuts, this drop in access will significantly compromise the health and independence of Illinois Medicaid participants with significant disabilities and increase the cost for medical care and hospitalization.

Use the information below to contact the appropriate leaders, explain the issues, and request needed action. To be most effective, add your personal story and perspective to stress why these cut must be reversed!

Follow These Steps to Protect Access to CRT and Supporting Services
1. Call Governor Rauner- Call 217-782-0244 and follow the five talking points (listed below). Share your personal story to explain how this issue is negatively affecting you!

2. Call your Legislators- Use this link to identify your state legislators. Follow the five talking points provided and share how this issue is negatively affecting you!

3. Call the Department of Health and Family Services- Call 800-226-0768 and select option 5 (HFS Recipient Help Line). Follow the five talking points (listed below) and share how this issue is negatively affecting you!

4. Send an Email- Whether you're following up on the phone calls you've just made or feel more comfortable sending an email instead, use this link to send an email to the Governor and your legislators. The system will automatically identify your representatives and you can send the prepared email as-is or modify it to tell your personal story.

5. Share this page and our Call to Action with anyone else who might want to help as we work to resolve this issue.

Talking Points for Making Phone Calls

Point 1: I have been informed that access to complex rehab technology (CRT) and supporting services have been suspended due to payment cuts recently imposed by Illinois Medicaid.

Point 2: Complex Rehab Technology, or CRT, includes specialized wheelchairs, seating systems, and other adaptive equipment for people with significant disabilities. Providing CRT involves evaluation, equipment trials, assembly, delivery, fitting, adjustment, and training. Once the equipment is delivered it must then be supported with ongoing maintenance, repairs, and modifications. Because of the operational challenges in providing CRT there are only a small number of Illinois companies that provide it and that number continues to decrease.

Point 3: While I understand the State has to make certain cuts, even the Governor has stated that cuts to services that support the independence of people with disabilities is not a viable option to address budget issues. These cuts have resulted in major access problems that need to be addressed.

Point 4: The availability and proper provision of CRT plays a key role in helping the State control and reduce Medicaid costs for the medical care and hospitalization relating to children and adults with disabilities.

Point 5: I am asking that the historic Medicaid reimbursement for CRT be reinstated to restore access. This will bring benefits both to people with significant disabilities who require CRT to meet their medical needs and maintain their independence AND to the State by reducing Medicaid costs relating to medical care and hospitalization.

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