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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Tell Your U.S. Senators to Vote No on the 2018 Budget - Online Action Link

The National Disability Rights Network has shared a easy action link to contact your U.S. Senator, the following info is shared from our colleagues. - Jim W.
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The Senate is currently working on the 2018 Budget and everything we're hearing is bad news for people with disabilities.

It's time to take action. Click here to contact your Senators and tell them to VOTE NO on the 2018 Budget.

Here are some of the details: The 2018 budget paves the way for massive tax cuts that are heavily tilted towards the super rich and wealthy corporations. If adopted, the budget is projected to lose trillions of dollars in revenue which will put tremendous pressure to cut many critical programs down the road.

Medicaid, Medicare, SSI, education, housing, and many more programs will ultimately be at even greater risk. And that is terrible news for people with disabilities who rely on these programs to live and work in the community and participate fully in the American Dream.

Help us stop this awful budget. Contact your Senators right now.

National Disability Rights Network
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