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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Disability Advocates - We will not give up on the Disability Treaty (CRPD)! DC Rally update

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United States International Council on Disabilities ...

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The Disability Treaty 
will be back! 

You and thousands of other advocates around the country have been working tirelessly towards ratification - we salute your hard work on this crucial issue!

Though a floor time was not possible before the August recess, we look forward to new opportunities in September!  


In the Foreign Relations Committee, Republican Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming included three amendments:

* An understanding that the CRPD will NOT affect the rights of parents to homeschool their children. 

* An understanding that nothing in Article 7 regarding children with disabilities requires changes in U.S. law

* An understanding of the limited scope of the CRPD committee's authority
These address the concerns of the opposition moving forward!

We'll be back to you soon with more information!

Visit our citizen action portal,www.disabilitytreaty.org to stay informed and take action!

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