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Friday, August 8, 2014

With 3500 posts, please explore Ability Chicago Info Blog for Disability News, Info, resources in over 80 languages

Since 2008 there have been a few versions of the blog, in 2011 the current format, and more commitment from us has resulted in over 3500 posts since 2011, 3 sister sites automatically posts the blog, and a strong Twitter family: https://twitter.com/AbilityChicago .

The link just to the Right allows to choose the language to view Ability Chicago Info Blog.

With the help and support of so many that share information to be considered for posting is very appreciated, without such support and involvement the diverse Disability news, information, resources are able to be shared.

Please explore the site, Search box on the upper left & on the right, the Blog Archive on right, the language you choose, and the information that hopefully all associated with the Disability Community finds of some value. We have visitors every month from all over the world.

Please visit and share Disability news, info, resources, or drop us an e-mail for any reason at
Ability Chicago Info Blog

Thank You All for allowing this amazing journey.
Jim Watkins, Ability Chicago

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