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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Chicago Hearing on Mental Health Clinic Closures! August 19 - City Council Committee

A hearing date has now been announced for August 19 at 1:00 PM in the City Council chambers before Chicago City Council 'Health and Environmental Protection Committee'. Chicago City Hall is at 121 N. LaSalle. Meeting Notice

The Chicago Department of Public Health closed six of the City’s twelve mental health clinics since April 2012. These clinics had served some of the most vulnerable individuals in some of the poorest of Chicago’s neighborhoods, and the City has not provided alternative public mental health services to replace them. Many or most of the people served by these clinics do not have the resources to travel long distances and do not have health insurance accepted by private clinics. 

First Deputy Police Superintendent Al Wysinger said in May 2014, that the closures created a huge impact on public access to mental health services, hitting particularly hard low-income people.

As Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart says his jail has turned into housing for the Mentally Ill -
Article and video interview: Click Here

PLEASE if you are available, attend the Chicago City Council Hearing on Mental Health Clinic Closures! 
August 19 at 1 PM
City of Chicago City Hall - 121 N. LaSalle


Chicago under fire over Mental Health Care at City Council hearing

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