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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Videogames for the Blind, the Deaf, the Motion Impaired - 7-128 Software

as shared by 7-128 Software ...

7-128 Software is pleased to announce the results of its seventh annual Top Web Sites competition
We review and rank Web sites for gamers who are Blind, or Deaf, or Motion Impaired.

The set of FREE resources includes:
•       Top 25 Web Sites for Gamers who are Blind
•       Top 22 Web Sites for Gamers who are Motion-Impaired
•       Top 11 Web Sites for Gamers who are Deaf
•       Top Web Sites of Industry and Community Leaders

Each entry includes:

•       What the site offers
•       How popular it is
•       How navigable and accessible it is

To develop these lists, we surveyed over 100 Web sites relevant to accessible gaming, including: developers, reviewers, news and information sites, organizations, special interest, and academic sites.

To our knowledge, our Top Web Sites is the only place in the world where you can get this information in one place.

That place is: www.7128.com

ABOUT 7-128 Software

7-128 Software a small Salem software company that is unique in that many of its mainstream computer games are designed from the start to be playable also by the blind, the deaf, or the motion impaired.

Its more than 40 games include the Inspector Cyndi in Newport series, word games, arcade, and puzzle games.

Its game, Here Comes the Duck! is possibly the only computer game anywhere playable by a blind two-year old.

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