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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Benefits.gov - Get Connected to 1,000+ Federal Benefit and Assistance Programs

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A screenshot of Benefits.gov.
By Guest Blogger Al Sloane, Program Director, Benefits.gov
For 12 years, Benefits.gov has been the official benefits website for the U.S. government. We are proud to have served millions of citizens in their time of need, providing them with easy, online access to information and eligibility criteria for government benefit and assistance programs.
Our mission remains the same as it was when we began: reduce the time and difficulty of citizens interacting with the government while increasing access to government benefit information. Benefits.gov works in partnership with our federal agencies to keep citizens informed on various programs, including disability assistance, employment and training, healthcare, education and more.
The site’s core function is the Benefit Finder, an eligibility prescreening tool that allows citizens to quickly find out what benefits they may be eligible to receive out of more than 1,000 benefit and assistance programs. After answering a few questions about your current circumstances, you will quickly receive a list of programs that you may be eligible for, as well as the program description and “next steps” to apply.Try the Benefit Finder now!
Benefits.gov is focused on putting our citizen feedback to work; we understand the need to receive information that is easily accessible anytime, anywhere. As a result, we recently upgraded our site to be mobile compatible. Now visitors can access the Benefits.gov site from various mobile devices, ranging from smartphones to tablets and e-readers, such as the iPad and Kindle.
The new look of the mobile-friendly Benefits.gov homepage will continue to highlight news articles and helpful information to get you started with locating and applying for assistance. Users may also view our YouTube tutorial, on the computer or on a device, to guide them through using the Benefit Finder.
The Program’s longstanding success hinges upon the dedication of the Benefits.gov partnership of 17 federal agencies, including the U.S. Department of Labor, which serves as the Managing Partner. In addition to using the Benefit Finder, you can view a categorized list of benefit programs on our Browse by Category page. You can also view the 50 disability benefits offered by these agencies directly on our Disability Assistance page.
We encourage you to visit and explore Benefits.gov. You can also keep up with the latest benefit-related information by subscribing to updates or by staying connected through FacebookTwitter and the Benefits.gov YouTube channel.
As we have said before, it is a privilege to help you and your loved ones find the government benefits that are right for you.
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