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Saturday, March 1, 2014

NEW PSAs Challenge Assumptions about People with Disabilities

An image of Adil's public service announcement.
as shared by Disability.gov ...
It’s a simple, yet powerful message: People are not defined by their disability. For instance, you may be someone who has cerebral palsy, but more importantly, you define yourself as a hard worker, tech savvy and spiritual. These skills and qualities matter much more than any perceived limitations others may have about you.
In support of this message, Disability.gov recently introduced public service announcements (PSAs) featuring eight of its No Boundariesparticipants – Adil, Anupa, Jeffrey, Leah, MarĂ­a, Pete, Rita and Robin.
To create the PSAs, our team asked each person to choose several words to describe him or herself. Some participants, like Leah, wanted to include their disability, while others preferred to highlight words they felt more accurately defined who they are at the core. Although only half of the participants chose the word “advocate,” the reality is that they all participated in the “No Boundaries” photo project to change the way people with disabilities are perceived and to advocate for a more inclusive culture.
Our team also wanted to remind you that “No matter who you are or what your goals in life may be, Disability.gov can help you.” The site connects visitors to thousands of resources across 10 categories, including benefits, employment and housing. Whether you want to learn more aboutself-advocacytransitioning from school to work or where you can look for a job, there is information that can help you and your loved ones live life to the fullest.
Please help us spread awareness about Disability.gov by sharing these PSAs with your family members, friends and colleagues who may not know about the site.

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