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Friday, March 14, 2014

The Red Kite Project - Autism Documentary - complementary to watch - Chicago Childrens Theatre

"The Red Kite Project" - a moving new documentary by award-winning filmmaker Kerry Shaw Brown.

The Red Kite Project follows Jacqueline Russell, the Artistic Director of Chicago Children's Theater, as she sets out to create the first interactive, multi-sensory theatrical performance installation for children with autism. Having spent 13 years volunteering in classrooms of autistic children, Russell's mission is to assemble a team of artists, educators and parents to create a program (The Red Kite Project) that brings joy, excitement and education to the autistic children who need it. Brown captures her incredible and often challenging journey over a three year period, as she touches the lives of autistic children and families across Chicago, and offers a fascinating perspective on how the disorder affects those who come into contact with it and the important role that art can play in shedding more light on it.

The documentary came to fruition as a sort of happy accident for Brown, who initially connected with The Red Kite Project only to create video images for a test performance. As he learned more and more about the people involved in bringing to project together, he began to realize that he had stumbled upon something compelling. With a small but generous grant from The Children's Brain Research Foundation, Brown began filming. The finished product documents the program as its influence spreads across the US and the world, changing lives and education on the autistic landscape along the way. The documentary was completed in the winter of 2011.

It is available on Amazon . Brown is the Director of Rascals & Rogues, a Chicago-based production company.

Full Movie Presentation also at IMDB  CLICK HERE

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