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Monday, March 10, 2014

Disability Awareness and Education offered by Chicago Mayor's Office fro People with Disabilities (MOPD)

Disability Awareness and Education

City of Chicago
Mayor's Office fro People with Disabilities (MOPD)
MOPD's Training Programs include:
Disability Awareness and Etiquette Training

This training identifies appropriate approaches and strategies when interacting with people disabilities in professional, social and recreational settings.

*  Independent Living Program Training

This program encourages the development of skills that enable a person with disability to achieve her/his maximum level of independence. The training encompasses accessing benefits programs and available community resources, hiring and supervising personal assistants (assertiveness skills), and food shopping.

To register for the Independent Living Program Orientation, contact MOPD at 312-746-5702 (voice) or 312-746-5702 (TTY). 
* Accessibility Compliance Training and Resources
Through the Training and Accessibility Compliance Units, MOPD provides disability-related services offered at the Lakefront Festivals.


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