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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

How to Get a Replacement Medicare Card Online on "my Social Security"

Thought to share updated info as posted by SSA I am finding helpful. Jim

A woman holds up a Medicare cardWe have more great Social Security news to share! If you lost, damaged, or need to replace your Medicare card, you can now get a replacement Medicare card using your online my Social Security account. This is the newest feature to my Social Security as we continue to improve its functionality and convenience for you.
Your Medicare card is the most important piece of identification you have as a Medicare beneficiary — it’s proof that you have Medicare health insurance. Medical professionals and insurance companies need this proof to provide you with accurate care and compensation. If your card is lost or damaged, and you are currently entitled to Medicare, you can easily order a replacement using your online my Social Security account.
Simply access your online my Social Security account and select the “Replacement Documents” tab. Then select “Mail my replacement Medicare card.”
After you request a card, it will arrive in the mail in about 30 days.
More than 18 million people use my Social Security because it’s the easiest way to access their own personal Social Security information they need to plan for retirement.
Your account is a hub for doing business with us, including:
  • Keeping track of your earnings and verifying them every year;
  • Getting an estimate of your future benefits if you’re still working;
  • Getting a letter with proof of your benefits if you currently receive them; and
  • Managing your benefits:
    • Changing your address;
    • Starting or changing your direct deposit; and
    • Getting a replacement SSA-1099 or SSA-1042S for tax season.
We continue to add new services to my Social Security to meet your needs. We collect customer feedback so we can add features that will make your business with Social Security faster and easier. Adding the Medicare card replacement service is the latest in our efforts to make your experience with us as positive as possible.
Opening my Social Security account takes only a few minutes, and it’s safe and easy. After your account is open, you can request a replacement Medicare card immediately — there’s no need to call or visit a Social Security office.

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