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Friday, June 26, 2015

Illinois Budget Update and Call-In Meeting July 7th

as shared by Illinois Partners for Human Service.

Call-In Meeting scheduled for Monday, July 6th at 2:00 p.m. has been RESCHEDULED for TUESDAY, JULY 7th at 2:00 p.m.

Illinois Partners for Human Service
Illinois Partners: 

Yesterday Governor Rauner vetoed 19 of the 22 budget bills including all the human service appropriations bills. The General Assembly will be in session next Tuesday but it is unlikely that they will be prepared to pass a new budget or to take action on the Governor's legislative proposals.

Many of the Human Service State Agencies began issuing contracts though some do not specify funding levels. Other contracts have dollar amounts inserted. Some providers were specifically told regardless of when the budget is signed they will be paid retro-active to July 1st. Other communications clearly state that there is no guarantee they will be paid retro-actively to July 1st. Providers are being told to return their contracts either by end of yesterday or by June 30th

The timing question is one major area of concern: without a passed state budget many areas of human services are not guaranteed payment without the appropriation authority in place. So how long can one continue to meet payroll and other expenses without receiving payment?

Additionally, even with a signed, agreed budget, there is a very real possibility that the administration will continue to make damaging changes by limiting the ability of individuals to enroll in services or severely curtailing them altogether. (These are policy changes!) 

If you have a current contract and did not receive notification in writing about the status of the program, you will need to request in writing from the State agency, confirmation that they want you to continue to provide services and the rate at which that will be provided. You should assume that, absent a contract that states that it is effective beyond July 1, 2015, your program is no longer being funded by the state.

Next steps in advocacy:  

1) Email Judith information about those contracts which have been renewed and those which have not been as of Monday evening so that we can better talk about the impact statewide.    
2) Email information about the stress of delayed payments due to the budget impasse.  
3) Keep your voice strong about the impact of cutting human services and the impact of the budget impasse on human service organizations by meeting with your local leaders, writing letters to the editor, speaking with local business leaders and community leaders!  Please email Judith the outcomes of this outreach!  

We have successes: last week's statewide call with Representative Patti Bellock and Senator Daniel Biss led to clarity in some of the State contracts about payments being retroactive to July 1st in the event of a continued budget impasse and at least ten Illinois Partners' members have been quoted in the press including Judith in the Chicago Tribune. Thank you!!!


Tuesday, July 7th at 2:00 p.m. Comptroller Munger will join us.
Please send any questions for the Comptroller to Judith@illinoispartners.org 
by close of business Wednesday July 1st so that we can pass them along before the holiday weekend. 

 Call-In Information:
  • 877-475-9088 
  • 896-105-1154   
Thank you for all you are doing.  Please keep letting us know what your plans are beginning July 1st

With appreciation, 
Judith Gethner, Executive Director 

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