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Monday, June 8, 2015

Illinois Has No Budget. What Now? Call-In Meeting June 17th by Illinois Partners for Human Service

wanted to share the following resource. Also please always feel free to reach out to Ability Chicago Info for resources, referrals, and information. TY, Jim

Illinois Partners for Human Service
Dear Illinois Partners:

In the past, when the budget hasn't been settled by June 30th, the General Assembly has passed month-to-month appropriations bills, or state agency directors have reached out to providers requesting that they continue to serve clients with the assurance that contracts would not change from the previous year.  

This was done because the State wanted to avoid the tremendous costs that come from disruptions in services, including loss of client trust and staff exits. It does not appear that methods used in the past will happen this year. 

To answer your questions and those of your Board of Directors, Representative Patti Bellock (House Human Services) and Senator Daniel Biss (Senate Human Services) will join our Call-In meeting at 2:00pm on Wednesday June 17th.  We have also reached out to the Governor's office and hope that they will join us as well.

Please send questions to judith@illinoispartners.org by close of business Friday June 12th.  

Also, please let us know the different strategies you are creating with your Board of Directors as we'd like to share with these elected officials in advance of this call.

Wednesday June 17th

Thank you for helping us use ONE VOICE in educating and informing on this important topic.

Judith Gethner, Executive Director 

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