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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

URGENT: State of Illinois Budget Action Needed - DRASTIC CUTS TO SOCIAL SERVICES -

part of a statewide campaign ...

Urgent State Budget Action Needed
We fully expect a vote this week in the Illinois House on whether to continue the current 5% income tax rate. Without 60 votes in favor of continuing the 5% income tax rate – and at this moment we do not have 60 votes -- the General Assembly will adopt a budget that either makes $2 billion in cuts or, more likely, forces the Governor to do so. Tens of thousands of children, older adults, the mentally ill, the developmentally disabled, college students, etc. will lose vital services. We are on the brink of this happening.
Below is a list of 19 House targets compiled from reports by many different organizations that have spoken with these legislators multiple times. Every one of these members is “in play”, meaning that while they may be leaning one way or the other, we believe they are not 100% committed to voting yes or no.
It is imperative that these Members receive a high volume of phone calls to their Springfield offices urging them “to support continuation of the 5% income tax rate”. I have been walking through these legislative offices in Springfield and the phones are not ringing. If this does not change, we will lose.

Update A critical hearing is scheduled on Tue. May 27th. Please contact your legislators and members of the House Revenue & Finance Committee ASAP and urge them to to support HB 395, HA 1 . 

Call. Have your staff call. Have your clients call. Have family & friends call.  We must flood the legislators’ Springfield offices with calls.

House Revenue & Finance Committee members:
  • John E. Bradley – (217) 782-1051
  • Michael J. Zalewski – (217) 782-5280
  • David Harris – (217) 782-3739
  • Barbara Flynn Currie – (217) 782-8121
  • Marcus C. Evans – (217) 782-8272
  • Frank J. Mautino – (217) 782-0140
  • David McSweeney – (217) 782-1517
  • Joe Sosnowski – (217) 782-0548
  • Ed Sullivan, Jr. – (217) 782-3696
  • Arthur Turner – (217) 782-8116
You can use this link to determine who your state representative is: http://capwiz.com/nea/il/directory/statedir.tt?state=IL&lvl=state&action=myreps_form

In addition, please file a witness slip in support of HB 395, HA 1 and urge others to do the same. Here is the link to file an electronic witness slip: http://my.ilga.gov/WitnessSlip/Create/70343?committeeHearingId=12101&LegislationId=70343&HCommittees5%2F29%2F2014-page=1&committeeid=0&chamber=H&nodays=7&_=1400774455902

Even if your legislator is not listed here, please contact your representative and ask him or her to speak to colleagues in support of this. 

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