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Monday, May 19, 2014

ACTION ALERT: Please help save Illinois Home Services program - Mon MAY 19

as shared by Mike Ervin ...

Hello Illinois Friends.

I ask you to PLEASE join me in the following call-in action to save the Home Services program (through which Rahnee and I pay our assistants) and other vital human services programs serving Illinoisan with disabilities. The fact is that unless the General Assembly votes to extend the income tax increase scheduled to expire Dec 31, these programs will be faced with massive cuts. The legislators have until May 31 to extend the income tax

PLEASE call House Speaker Madigan on MONDAY MAY 19 at either # below. Also please call your state rep and senator. You can locate them using the link below.  There is a sample message below, but the essential things to say are 1) Your name and where you live 2) you support the home services program and other human services and don't want to see them cut 3) you want them to support a budget that extends the income tax beyond this year and fully funds human services.

Thanks so much!

Mike Ervin
Hey Everybody--

Thanks for your support and enthusiasm surrounding the ONE Northside Phone Bank coming up on Monday, May 19th! We will be calling voters throughout IL to ask them to call their legislators to support a People First Budget--by closing corporate tax loopholes, passing corporate tax transparency and keeping income taxes at current rates! As mentioned in the Town Hall, it is extremely helpful for our legislators--both supporters and opposition--to hear from US! If you haven't called your legislators yet, give them a call on Monday since we'll be hitting districts throughout Illinois.

When you call your legislators (and/or Madigan) on Monday you can use this script, but feel free to play around with it on the parts about you:
  • Hi my name is ____________ and I live at ____________. I want you to vote for a budget and revenue package that puts people first by keeping income taxes at current rates, closes 3 corporate tax loop holes accomplished by HB390, and creates for corporate tax transparency with HB3627. A $2Billion shortfall would hurt my family by: ___________. I'm willing to pay my fair share, and any solution must require corporations to pay their share.
I encourage you to call your legislators between 9am-5pm when offices are open. If you can't speak directly with them, leave a message with the secretary to show your support for a People's First Budget!

As promised, here is Speaker Madigan's contact info:
You can also find who your legislator is and what their contact info is at this link:

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