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Monday, December 14, 2015

Wisconsin families with kids with disabilities celebrate the holidays with Santa and a movie

CHIPPEWA FALLS, Wis. (WEAU)- With the holiday season all around, it's important that every family has the opportunity to enjoy this time of year.
sharing a report from WEAU 13 NEWSBy: Abigail Hantke | Dec 12, 2015
Saturday morning, families from around the Chippewa Valley were invited for a holiday gathering of families with kids with disabilities.
Several kids woke up early for the chance to see Santa and watch a movie with friends and families.
Clarissa Slayton of Cameron says she was excited “to see Santa.”
Several kids got to visit with Santa, and Harley Martin of Chippewa Falls says she asked for “a Barbie D.S. game.”
The event held at Micon Cinemas in Chippewa Falls gives children with disabilities and their families an opportunity to join in the holiday spirit at the movies that may be difficult to do otherwise.
“I just think its good exposure for us,” Tina Krizan said of Stanley. This is her family’s first time attending this event. “Just an outing, out with my family and possibly meeting other families with kids with disabilities.”
Variety - the Children's Charity of Wisconsin partners with Micon Cinemas to host this annual event.
Mel Hopland, a Variety Board of Directors member, says it's a gratifying experience to see so many people joining to help out.
“It’s trying to get the message out,” Hopland said. “We have to look for children that need the help, and the idea is to put invites out when you get an event like this, it gets them to come in and tell the parents what’s available.”
Organizers say around 70 people attended this year's event.
“We appreciate that there's events like this, we think it's a good thing,” Krizan added.
Around 8 volunteers helped to put on Kids Meet Santa event as families and kids watched the movie ‘The Good Dinosaur’ at Micon Cinemas in Chippewa Falls.
Aside from the event in Chippewa Falls, hundreds of kids around the state also attended Kids Meet Santa in Appleton, Madison and the Milwaukee area.

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