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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

CTA new "policy" on bus kneeling and ramp operation, accessible public transit: Nov 2011

UPDATE 2013: CTA reversed this policy in less then a year, BUT you can still 'request' the driver to lower/kneel the bus.

allows more use friendly service for
People with Disabilities & Seniors

Chicago-- Nov 2011--CTA has a new policy on bus kneeling and ramp operation. This revision is more attentive to the needs of riders with disabilities and is intended to ensure that operators will kneel the bus and deploy the ramp for any customer immediately and without question.

The kneeling feature on a bus enables the operator to raise and lower the bus to accommodate street/curb conditions. Because this feature makes it easier for anyone boarding or alighting, at service stops Operators must automatically raise or lower the bus to make the bus floor approximately level with the curb. Operators must also raise or lower the bus even further, when possible, upon a customer's request.

The ramp provides easy access for customers with a mobility disability. When an Operator sees an intending customer using a wheelchair or powered scooter, he/she must kneel the bus to curb height and deploy the ramp, without the customer having to request its use.

For those customers using assistive devices such a walker, crutches or a cane, after the bus is kneeled, politely ask them if they would like to use the ramp or if they would like the bus raised or lowered further.

For CTA visit: http://www.transitchicago.com/

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