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Monday, March 13, 2017

PBS Broadcasting Autism Documentary "Spectrum: A Story of the Mind" premieres April 2017

Take a journey into the rich sensory experience of autism. Imagine a world where words taste and thoughts feel, where sounds swell with color and leaves on trees change tones visible to the naked eye, and where eye contact with another can cause physical pain.
"Spectrum: A Story of the Mind" explores autism through the lens of diverse characters on the spectrum.
Dr. Temple Grandin, the most well-known autistic person in the world, breaks down the link between autism and sensory experiences. Her descriptions are illustrated with vivid character animation. In childhood, Temple’s sensory sensitivities were severe; a simple hug felt like a tidal wave of stimulation. The sound of rain could be described as loud as bullets. Others experience visual sensitivity like seeing flickering in fluorescent lights in a classroom or having sensory overload that creates a kaleidoscopic chaos.
Grandin explains that sensory issues originate in the brain processing – not in the eyes or in the ears. She believes these issues should be a primary focus for autism research. Understanding sensory perception could make a big impact on the lives of autistic kids and adults.
SPECTRUM: A Story of the Mind - Official Trailer

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Read more about the show, show date/times, and featured stories at PBS:    http://www.pbs.org/program/spectrum-story-mind/
source: PBS online

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