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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

2017 Disability Rights Storytellers Fellowship Deadline to Apply: March 15th

The Disability Rights Storytellers Fellowship managed by Rooted in Rights and American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) provides the opportunity for an individual with a disability to learn and apply skills in digital media storytelling, and to connect with media professionals to prepare participants for advanced careers in media production, journalism, online advocacy, or digital design. The project combines hands-on training on cutting edge technologies with a strong foundation in developing the individual’s voice and using story-driven videos in advocacy.
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Upon admission to the project, Rooted in Rights will send a pre-tested, pre-assembled video production kit to the Fellow. The project kicks off with orientation sessions in which  Rooted in Rights creative professionals and AAPD staff lead workshops on the history of the disability rights movement, current policy issues, and the media’s role in the disability rights movement as well as technical workshops focused on video technique, script writing, digital storytelling, basic camera composition, and video editing.

The Fellow will begin using their kit and gain valuable hands-on experience right away. During the 6-month long process, the Fellow is expected to write and film two 3-4 minute videos. At every step of the process, the Fellow is a part of the Rooted in Rights production team – receiving feedback and guidance, and challenged creatively to make the videos as engaging as possible while also meeting the standards for quality and universal accessibility that all of our video projects demand. The Fellow will have the opportunity to ask questions and Rooted in Rights professionals will be available for one on one mentoring. At the beginning of the project, Rooted in Rights will work with the Fellow to arrange a schedule for choosing a topic, developing a production plan, filming, and editing to ensure timely completion of both videos.

In addition to hands-on workshops, the Fellow will participate in video chats and Q&As with media professionals, including people with disabilities, to receive advice on how to break into the media industry. AAPD will also work to connect the Fellow to internships and employment opportunities. Because work in the Storytellers Fellowship is not a full time commitment and can be completed from anywhere, the Fellow would have the opportunity to begin work or internships simultaneously.

Applications for the 2017 Disability Rights Storytellers Fellowship are due by March 15, 2017

SOURCE: Press Release AAPD

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