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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Halloween Costumes for People Using a Wheelchair of all Ages

Still till this day Halloween is a part of the year I look forward to. The Reeve Foundation has a article posted for all to enjoy the season.

There are many tips and hints for people using wheelchairs who want to dress up for Halloween, where your wheelchair not only complements your costume, but can become the centerpiece of it as well. Here are ideas for both children and adults who want to wow people on Halloween night.
article By: Amy Wilson
Halloween Ideas for ChildrenFred FlinstoneOne great idea for kids who love their Saturday morning cartoons would be to dress up as one of them for Halloween. This Fred Flintstone costume allows your child to dress up as one of their favorite cartoon characters, and uses their wheelchair to enhance the costume. By using the wheelchair as part of the costume, your child not only gets to dress up as Fred Flintstone, but also gets to ride around in his car too.

DrummerAnother costume that utilizes the wheelchair to make it unique is a drummer costume where the wheelchair becomes the drum-set. Someone else may show up at your party dressed as a drummer, but will they have their own drum set? I think not.

AladdinFor Disney fans, Aladdin makes a perfect costume for Halloween night. In this creation the wheelchair is used to make it appear as if you are flying on Aladdin's magic carpet.

Flower gardenFor those with a green thumb, this website offers instructions on how to make a costume where you have your very own mobile bed-of-flowers, and you are one of the flowers blooming in the garden. To see the mobile bed-of-flowers costume made, click here

CinderellaFor any girls who are Disney fans, this Cinderella outfit allows you to ride around in your very own magical coach all night and makes the perfect costume for any trick-or-treater.

John Deere CostumeFor any trick-or-treater who was planning on dressing up as a farmer, this costume offers something even better. Why not go with your very own tractor as well? This article gives step-by-step instructions on how to become a farmer operating a John Deere tractor as a costume for your Halloween night. 
Halloween Ideas for AdultsProfessor XEveryone recognizes Professor X from the popular X-men series, so why not dress up as him on Halloween night? To replicate this costume all you need to do is dress in a simple suit and tie and use a latex bald cap to cover your hair and you are ready to go asProfessor X.

Artie from GleeIf you are a fan of the popular TV show Glee, why not spend Halloween night dressed as Artie? Mimicking this Gleester is easy enough to do. Make sure you have a pair of black horn-rimmed glasses handy as well as a white-collared shirt and an argyle vest to wear over it. Also, don't forget to wear a pair of Artie's signature driving gloves to complete the look. 

Dr. StrangeloveFor those of you who are a fan of the cult class Dr. Strangelove, the title character, Dr. Strangelove, makes a perfect costume for Halloween night. All you need to complete this look is an all-black suit, lightly-tinted sunglasses, and one black leather glove and you are all set.

Jake SullyFor anyone who saw Avatar this year, Jake Sully, the wheelchair-user hero of the movie, makes a perfect Halloween costume for anyone looking to dress up as a character from this blockbuster. A simple t-shirt and a set of dog-tags are all that you need to pass as this character from Avatar

Tiffany Carlson as Jessica RabbitFor even more Halloween costumes idea, one blogger, Tiffiny Carlson, writes about her different Halloween costumes over the years and provides insight on how she has dealt with finding costumes while using a wheelchair. She shows how not all costumes utilize the wheelchair (but still look great) and that there are some benefits to dressing up in a wheelchair, such as when she got to live out her childhood dream of dressing up as Jessica Rabbit. Whether you choose to mimic one of Carlson's ideas or not, she will surely inspire you to get creative with your own costume this year.


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