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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Judge orders Illinois to explain why it has not paid for critical services for people with developmental disabilities

from a PRESS RELEASE | Equip for Equality | Aug 26, 2015

Today, Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman heard an emergency motion in Ligas v. Norwood in which the State was required to explain why it has failed to make the court-ordered payments for people with developmental disabilities. The Judge had ordered the State to make payments for people with developmental disabilities by August 18, but payments were not made, and the State failed to inform the Judge why it did not comply with the Court’s order. The State informed the Court that last night it made payments of $76 million for providers serving people with developmental disabilities in small community settings. However, these payments do not cover all the payments required under the Judge’s order. The Judge ordered the State to submit in writing by August 28 at noon 1) which payments have been made, and 2) which payments have not been paid, and 3) when the outstanding payments will be paid.

“People with developmental disabilities have been needlessly put at risk of serious harm because of the State’s failure to comply with the Judge’s order,” said Barry C. Taylor, VP for Civil Rights and Systemic Litigation at Equip for Equality and lead counsel in the Ligas case. “While we are pleased that the State has finally begun to make the mandated payments, we will not rest until all services for all of our clients have been paid for by the State.”

Read Judge Coleman's order

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