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Monday, August 31, 2015

Illinois Budget Impasse continue in September to affect services for citizens with disabilities

The 22 Centers for Independent Living (CILs) in Illinois are feeling the lack of a state budget, and the funding issues in Illinois. 

At latest report our understanding of CILs with furlough days are:
IMPACT CIL: will furlough staff on Fridays starting Nov 1
NICIL: full furlough/closed
SCIL: furloughing on Fridays
Linc, Inc: furloughing 2 days a week
Progress Center: furloughing on Fridays
AIM CIL: has been furloughing on Fridays, but will go back to full schedule in September.

Gov. Bruce Rauner wants to decrease the number of people in Illinois who receive in-home care. The proposal appears unlikely to clear two major hurdles for approval, and its acceptance could even cause the state to run afoul of a longstanding court order.

Illinois Governor Rauner’s many proposed cuts to social services is a plan to raise the threshold for elderly people and people with disabilities to receive home services, a pair of state-funded programs which offer qualified people help with basic tasks like laundry and paying bills.

The State Legislator is still expected that the Illinois House will look at voting on House Bill 972 House Floor Amendment 1 (HB 972 HFA 1), which is the DON score legislation for Home-care Services. Please urge your legislators once again to vote YES on HB 972 HFA 1! You can look up the bill status, including the current sponsors, at this link

If their is any updates we will post. Please feel free to share any information with us.

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