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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Social Security Disability 'Ticket to Work' Website has been Redesigned

as shared by Disability.gov

A photo of a smartphone showing the Ticket to Work website.
The Ticket to Work program recently launched a redesigned beneficiary website at www.choosework.net. The website is part of Social Security’s efforts to help people with disabilities who want to work find and keep a job to reduce or eliminate their need for cash benefits.
Choosework.net is the place to start to learn about the Ticket to Work program, which provides free employment support services to Social Security disability beneficiaries who want to work. The site has an improved layout and is easier to use. It also offers more information to support you or someone you know on the journey to financial independence. Visit the site to take advantage of these new features:
  • Responsive Design – As one in five visitors are accessing the site using a mobile device, net is now user-friendly on any mobile device (smartphone or tablet) or computer monitor of any size or resolution. In other words, no matter where you are or what type of device you use, Social Security disability beneficiaries can access free job support tools and resources to guide you on your path to employment.
  • New Help Me Choose Tool – The Ticket to Work program hears from many beneficiaries looking for job support services that fit their situation. On the redesigned net site, the Help Me Choose wizard on the Find Help Tool page is now available to help you gauge your readiness for the Ticket to Work program and point you to a service provider or employment services team that is right for your situation. To use the tool, take 10 minutes to answer up to 20 questions about your goals and work history. You will then be shown a list of recommended service providers that can help you on your journey to employment and financial independence.
  • New Find a Job Section – Many people come to choosework.net looking for information about jobs. Though Ticket to Work is not a direct hiring program, it can help you find job search resources and special employment programs for people with disabilities. Go to the Find a Job section to learn how Ticket to Work service providers can help you explore opportunities available to people with disabilities in the federal government or with federal government contractors through Section 503 hiring.
  • The Path to Work – There are many myths about what happens to your Social Security benefits while working. Use Path to Work to learn how the Ticket to Work program can help at every part of your journey to employment, whether you are considering working, looking for a service provider, trying to find a job or maintaining your success after you start working. Where are you on your path to work? Select the phase that best fits where you are, and review the tips and resources in each phase to get closer to your career goals.
  • Enhanced Success Stories – Ticket to Work celebrates the achievements of adults with disabilities who have found their path to a better future with help from the program. Experience Ticket to Work Success Stories in a new layout with text, audio and video all on one page.
The Ticket to Work program offers Social Security disability beneficiaries greater choices in getting the support they need to find work and reach their career goals.
Are you a Social Security disability beneficiary thinking about work? Or know someone who is? Call the Ticket to Work Help Line at 1-866-968-7842 (TTY: 866-833-2967) or visit the redesigned program website at www.choosework.net.

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