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Friday, March 6, 2015

The Chicago Blackhawks Duncan Keith Makes Young Disabled Girl's Hockey Dream Come True

As part of the NHL's #WhatsYourGoal social media initiative. The Chicago Blackhawks decided they would fulfill One of the Chicago Blackhawks' biggest fans is a little girl named Cammy. Cammy can't walk or speak, but she's a passionate hockey fan and particularly loves defenseman Duncan Keith

Cammy's dream of scoring a goal with Keith. But the NHL star did her one better: he didn't just score a goal with her, he brought her along for the ride.

In a wonderful video, Keith explains that before you're ready to score a goal, you have to learn to skate.

Cammy's excitement at seeing Keith for the first time, as well as her expression throughout their time together on the ice is a pleasure to share.

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