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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Illinois Gov Rauner’s Budget discountines Respite Care Program, very tough times for Disabled and family members

more on the consequences of Illinois Gov Rauners proposed Budget Cuts, and the devastating effects on the disAbled community.

wonderful report WGN Chicago, by Monica Schneider | March 11, 2015 

CHICAGO — One of the social service programs on Gov Rauner’s chopping block is the Respite Care Program.

Families already pushed to the limit could soon have an even tougher time.

Under the governor’s proposed budget, funding for developmental disabilities respite care would be discontinued.

More than 3,000 Illinois families currently depend on the program.

WGN’s Monica Schneider spent time with a a family that depends on the program for help.

The governor’s office released a statement in response to this story saying, “Family members who care for a loved one with disabilities have a difficult job, and we appreciate the care they provide. Unfortunately, years of over-spending and financial recklessness left a $6 billion dollar budget hole. The governor had to make some very difficult decisions to put the state back on a fiscally-sustainable path.’


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