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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Illinois to implement statewide program that provides training to people with significant disabilities

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PRESS RELEASE | May 28, 2014 
Illinois Network of Centers for Independent Living (INCIL)

INCIL announces new training program for HSP Consumers 

The Illinois Network of Centers for Independent Living (INCIL) announces the rollout this week of a statewide program that will provide training to persons with significant disabilities who are newly enrolled in the Home Services Program (HSP). The training program is coordinated by INCIL, and the trainings will be conducted by Centers for Independent Living (CILs) throughout the state. 

Home Services is a program of the Department of Human Services Division of Rehabilitation Services which allows eligible persons with disabilities, who might otherwise be placed in nursing homes, to live in their own homes and hire Personal Assistants (PAs) to provide the services they need. Such services can range from cleaning, cooking and doing laundry to assistance of a more personal nature such as bathing, grooming and dressing. The services provided and the number of hours a PA works each day are specified in a service plan developed after the consumer has been assessed for the program. Once the consumer’s eligibility has been determined and the service plan developed, the consumer may recruit PAs of his/her choice. The PA wages are paid by the state. It is estimated that these services cost the state about one-third the cost of nursing home services.

This unique program provides freedom and dignity to nearly 30,000 individuals with disabilities throughout Illinois by allowing them to live in their own homes and hire providers they choose to assist them with very personal needs.

The training was developed to assist consumers in developing skills to manage their relationships with their PAs, and to safeguard against fraud in the program.

The INCIL program will provide training to each new consumer on an individual basis. The curriculum will cover recruiting, interviewing and hiring PAs, and extensive information on how to recognize and avoid fraud, abuse and neglect. Because this is a Medicaid waiver program, these issues are extremely important. Upon completion of a training, the CIL will provide the consumer with reference material and contact information so the CIL can continue to be a resource to the consumer.

INCIL is contracting with IDHS to provide these trainings. They represent one part of an effort to assure that this important program meets the needs of consumers in a professional way that protects the rights of consumers and taxpayer dollars. In addition to this, an array of trainings for PAs has been developed, including mandatory orientations for all new PAs. INCIL partners with SEIU, the union representing PAs, to provide training to current and new PAs.
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