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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Chicago Area Paratransit Service Fare increase in 2018

Nov 11, 2018 - Illinois Public Transit has gone for years without a state capital bill, which would enable the agencies to make major repairs to aging infrastructure. The Regional Transportation Authority, the state oversight and planning agency for Northeastern Illinois, the Public transit service provided by Metra, Chicago Transit Authority and Pace — are facing about $76 million in cuts next year under the State of Illinois budget. With $24 million lost because of a new 2 percent handling fee the state is charging local governments to manage sales tax revenues, and in 2018 a 10 percent reduction in the state’s Public Transportation Fund. Thanks to Republican Gov Bruce Rauner for Illinois financial deadlock budget.

PACE last paratransit fare increase was in 2009, so with a 25 cent a ride increase to $3.25 per ride was approved by the PACE Board of Directors. The 25 cent increase also will be in effect for a PACE fixed route bus ride, from $1.75 to $2 which allows 2 transfers in a 2 hour time limit. PACE also has no service cuts for 2018. While any fare increase is never welcomed, hopefully it will be another 8 years or more before Senior and Disabled paratransit service riders will have another fare increase. In the meantime PACE needs to improve its 'real' on time performance which has plagued the service over the last couple of years.
Ability Chicago Info article by Jim Watkins

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