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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Robert's Paralysis Comeback Proves We’re In The Sci-Fi Age

After a construction site accident, Robert Woo was paralyzed from the chest down. Woo spent the next four years in a wheelchair. But even as he learned how to live his new life, he couldn’t stop asking one very simple question: How could humans build skyscrapers, but not something better than a wheelchair? Then Woo heard about bionic exoskeletons. And it changed his life.

When Robert Woo was left paralyzed after a construction site accident, he refused to accept the wheelchair as the only answer to his mobility challenges. He began to looked for a more advanced solution and came across ReWalk, a bionic exoskeleton that helps disabled people to regain their ability to walk. Since using ReWalk Robert has regained sensation below his point of injury and can now lift his legs. These steps towards recovery are nothing short of a miracle.

This video is part of Freethink’s Superhuman series. Superhuman explores cutting edge medical technology and introduces viewers to the brilliant innovators at the heart of it all. For more, visit:

# The information with in this post was shared by ReWalk. We do not recieve any compansation in sharing such information (as always), but do so in share information on a diverse nature on disability issues.

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