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Monday, August 8, 2016

Please Support For The "National Pain Strategy (NPS)", Online Petition open til Aug 12th

As one of many Americans who suffer from pain on daily basis, please consider supporting and signing the online petition in support of, and funding of for a National Pain Strategy! 
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from a Press Release from the National Pain Report | Aug. 8, 2016
100 Million Americans Need 3 Seconds of Your Time

At the National Pain Report, we often leave the opinion making to folks who are advocates for any number of issues. And, it’s our position to allow those varying points of view on our site – it’s part of our mission.

We will exercise our privilege in expressing our own opinion by saying, you should sign this petition to fund the National Pain Strategy (NPS). The deadline is Friday August 12!

It’s simple. Click on the button, enter your name and email address, and then verify your email. It takes seconds.

We need 90,000 people to sign the petition this week, so please forward this email to your family and friends and ask then to act.

Here’s a Little Backdrop:

While the debate about chronic pain treatment has been dominated this year by the CDC and its Opioid Prescribing Guideline, it is in truth a small part of the chronic pain treatment story. The much – or at least more important – issue should be how the government can implement the country’s first strategic plan to achieve a system of safe, effective and high-quality pain care informed by science.

Read the National Pain Strategy 

We have been frustrated by the inaction by the National Institutes of Health on the NPS since it was introduced with very little fanfare by the National Institutes of Health. If research, healthcare provider training, insurance coverage issues and public awareness of pain are going to be addressed, the NPS is, quite simply, the best vehicle for a comprehensive approach.

The petition, which is supported by most pain advocacy organizations, directs the Obama Administration to direct the Health and Human Services agency to swiftly fund and implement the NPS.

Developed by a diverse team of experts from around the nation, the National Pain Strategy is a roadmap toward achieving a system of care in which all people receive appropriate, high quality and evidence-based care for pain.

We would argue that the government should use the NPS to stimulate a real debate about chronic pain and find solutions to the education, research and treatment issues that plague millions of Americans.

Sign the petition

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