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Monday, August 8, 2016

ADAPT Online Museum/Archive, History of Disability Rights Movement

The ADAPT Online Museum/Archive is a great resource for the history of a big part of the disability rights movement . The Museum offers images are described (if photo), and transcribed (if news clipping).

Please visit the online museum and archive of ADAPT Media Gallery  at www.adaptmuseum.net.

The ADAPT Museum has a lot of great clips now online that document the history of ADAPT’s evolution since the 1970s. ADAPT evolved out of the youth empowerment work done in a Denver nursing home by the Reverend Wade Blank (photo) in the early 1970s. When the nursing home, called Heritage House, fired Blank for empowering the youth too much, Blank promised the young people living there that he would help get them out into the community. This he did, moving 18 young people out of Heritage House and into what became the Atlantis Community, where they lived with support from personal attendants.

This group of young people evolved, with Blank’s support, into what became known as ADAPT in the early 1980s, leading the way for accessible public transportation and liberation from institutions through direct action, protest, and civil disobedience. The ADAPT Museum chronicles a big part of the disability rights movement history.

The ADAPT Online Museum/Archive is due to the great work of Babs Johnson, with Scott Hinton and Tom Olin.

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