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Friday, July 15, 2016

Ohio Target employee caught mocking a woman with Down Syndrome

July 15, 2016 -- JoAnna Vaughn, while shopping at a Ohio Target store claims she witnessed a Target employee mock a woman with Down syndrome.

JoAnna Vaughn, recounted the experience in a Facebook post that has been shared more than 30,000 times in the first 24 hours since posting.

JoAnne Vaughn wrote in her facebook post:
So I had to run up to Target in Western Hills today. As I was walking down the main aisle by the baby stuff there is a associate in her radio asking where the lady is who needed help with the car seats. Then out of the electronic area a male associate comes walking towards her and is saying to her in a very loud voice, well she isn't hard to miss, she is the retarded fat woman with large ass bumps all over her face!!! As I turn down the aisle I see a large lady that had Down syndrome with a couple of what looked like miles on her face. She was crying. I am assuming she heard the associate say what he did. My heart was hurting for this lady. So I went up to the front talked to a "manager" I guess told him what had happened and all he said was with a chuckle, that's not my department not my problem. I set what I had down on the counter and said I will never be back if this is how you deal with things. His response was, your only one person and you won't make a difference so see ya bye! I am still sick over this. ‪#‎target‬.
Customers have demanded an investigation, and apology from Target via social media.

Target responded to some of the comments on its Facebook account, writing:
"At Target, we want all guests to feel welcome and comfortable shopping in our stores. We are continuing to look into this incident further. And at this time, we have no record of this occurring in our store yesterday."
The company said it has reached out directly to Vaughn to discuss the incident

As the updates become available we will update this post.

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