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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

City of Chicago ADA Paratransit Customer changes go into effect July 15, 2016

Beginning Friday July 15, 2016, Pace Suburban Bus Service is implementing two important changes for City of Chicago ADA Paratransit customers.

1.  There will be a new, special number to call to check on the status of your ride. This number can be used to check on trips booked through any Chicago ADA carrier. This number cannot be used to book trips, only to check on their status.

Call 1-800-606-1282 and press option 1 to check on your booked trip.
Passengers will continue to call their current carrier to book trips.
2. Trips will now be distributed among all Chicago ADA carriers, regardless of zone. That means a different carrier than the one you called to book your trip may pick you up. You will continue to call the same number you currently do to book your trips. Please note that all carrier vehicles are marked with a Pace logo.

These changes are for Chicago riders only. Suburban ADA riders are not affected.

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