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Thursday, July 7, 2016

2016 Guide for “10 Best Online Schools and Resources for Students with Disabilities,”

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The new guide for people with disabilities exploring online courses for higher education, by author and higher education researcher Kenneth Williams, “10 Best Online Schools and Resources for Students with Disabilities” an online guide from OnLineSchoolsCenter.com. The rankings are determined on the basis of evaluations on the accessibility of institutions and willingness to accommodate students with disabilities, particularly when it involves distance education.

The guide has numerous resources to explore, and is worth the time to help in understanding the many options available for students (of all ages) with disabilities as they go forward for higher education, with the availability of online courses.

The website indicates that the flexibility and affordability of an online education. Which makes this alternative attractive to many students, including those with some form of disability, as why this online ranking platform was created. The guide also includes links to the top 10 schools and additional information geared toward students with disabilities.  

For The Guide "Navigating an Online Education for Students with Disabilities" : 

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