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Monday, May 9, 2016

Toni Hickman song 'I AM VICTORIOUS' - as a 'Young Stroke' survivor shares her passion

Before Toni Hickman's second brain aneurysm, first stroke, and being told she may never walk or speak again, she was signed to a major label that was distributed through Universal records. Toni has been featured on gold and platinum albums, and at one point Vibe magazine rated her one of the best artist coming out the south. -  for more on Toni Hickman, visit: http://www.tonihickman.com/

YouTube Published by The Real Toni Hickman on May 3, 2016

Written by Toni Hickman Toni is a speaker for the American Heart/Stroke Association and performer for YoungStroke. Song produced by Marshall Law Productions, and video directed by Boss Baby TV. Song is a true story about Toni's perseverance and determination to be her greatest while being a survivor of so much at a young age. 

This song is ONLY available on www.tonihickman.com and 1/3 of your 99 cent purchase will go to YoungStroke, a nonprofit organization that focuses on young stroke survivors, 1/3 goes to the producer, and 1/3 goes to Toni Hickman. 
Credits go to www.bossbaby.tv for your videography needs
Dr.Congo/ Jewel artist/African centered priest
Fundi Fe/ Tai Chi Master/ Hall of Fame recipient
Royal Khemetic Kreations-Crown
Alexa/ Youtuber/Journalist
Falisha/ Poet/Author
Ra-Parkour specialist

For more information on YoungStroke, visit www.youngstroke.org 
To purchase this song or to book Toni Hickman visit www.tonihickman.com

#TY for sharing with us Toni.

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