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Monday, May 9, 2016

Matthew Rich was born with cerebral palsy, but also born to be a Motivational Speaker

Matthew Rich was born with cerebral palsy. Determined to overcome this physical disability he set out to fight what he calls his lion. Matthew refers to cerebral palsy as his lion cause this beast holds him back from daily life routines. From waking up to eating to getting to where he needs to go. The cerebral palsy lion fights everyday of his life. 

YouTube published by MATTHEWRICHCOUNTRY | May 2014

Focused on confronting his lion Matthew Rich has developed a strong fighting spirit with support from family and friends. Going against doctors opinions that he will never walk Matthew set out to condition his body so that one day he may walk on his own without the need for crutches. Using his own body he started doing push ups, sit ups, squats and using the treadmill. Starting with one push up and one sit up a day he gradually moved up to more repetitions. Then on a windy sunny day in May 2010 … he walked on his own two feet into his mother’s arms. It took him 28 years. 

Matthew has gone on to become a certified physical trainer working with able-bodied people and others with disabilities. He has experienced first hand the wonders that regular exercise and determination can do for the body and mind.

Matthew Rich has been sharing his inspirational journey through motivational speaking over 17 years. He has spoken to a wide range of audiences including: The United Way, Rowan University, Rutgers University, Gloucester County College and Camden County College.

Matthew is also the Program Coordinator for Speaking Candidly on Our Perspective, or SCOOP. Since 2002, this Sewell, NJ-based organization has supplied a team of motivational speakers to local groups and entertained children through music. Matthew and other members of the program speak to audiences of all ages and backgrounds about living every day life with a disability.

In his free time Matthew likes to sing country music. He has released  4 albums available worldwide!

information in post shared by Tim's friend Richelle H. | May 2016
# Visit Matthew Rich on Tumbler at : http://speakermatthewrich.tumblr.com/

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Cynthia J. Senior said...

Love your story Matt! Like you, I get back up every single day,for 26 years. I APPLAUD YOU 'SUPERMAN'! Thanks for the inspiration, you are renewing faith in life :)