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Thursday, May 26, 2016

#AXSChat hosts weekly video interviews and twitter chats for A Accessible Disability Community

As I am getting a few years older, I forget where my keys are (daily), recharging my wheelchair at times, and sometimes I thought I had posted a blog on interesting, and helpful information for our disability community,  So after a few emails from readers I realized that I forgot to post a draft, so with some updates I hope that some of you explore #AXSCHAT,  which supports accessibility on social media.

The AXSCHAT  Community,  is a online community of individuals dedicated to creating an inclusive world; they believe that accessibility is for everyone. AXSCHAT will continue to  accomplish and encourage in-depth discussion and spread knowledge about the work people are doing to enable greater access and inclusion through whatever means.

AXSCHAT hosts weekly video interviews and twitter chats with people who are contributing to making the world a more inclusive place through technology or innovating to enable wider participation in society for people with disabilities.

#AXSCHAT is on Twitter every Tuesday!

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