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Monday, February 8, 2016

NASA internship seeking people with disabilities apply by March 2nd

A new internship program has presented itself at IUP thanks to NASA, which is looking for more students with disabilities who are pursuing science, technology, engineering and math careers.
To be considered, applicants must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.
NASA provides hands-on opportunities to its applicants in NASA-related research and activities. Internship participants will experience mentor-directed tasks that relate to the participant’s degree.
“Mentors can be civil servants, contractors or faculty conducting activities directly related to NASA’s unique assets and ongoing mission activities,” according to NASA’s internship website.
NASA holds four sessions correlating with academia: spring, summer, fall and year-long. Applicants can apply for a full- or a part-time involvement, though most of the opportunities are full-time.
The fall and spring internships normally last 16 weeks, while summer internships are a minimum of 10 weeks for collegiate applicants and eight weeks for high school students or educators, according to the website. Yearlong sessions are separate from the three other sessions and are longer than 16 weeks.
Locations for the internships spread to anywhere NASA missions may be taking place. Applicants can search for locations following the application process. For a full list of locations, visit intern.nasa.gov.
If selected to take part in the internship, a 10-week stipend of $6,000 will be attributed to the participant. The participant will be responsible for his or her own housing.
To apply for the internship opportunities, students must visit the One Stop Shopping Initiative (OSSI), located on the internship website. Any material wished to be considered must be uploaded on the site after registering for an account.
NASA is accepting applications for the summer 2016 session now. The deadline for applications is March 2. Any student selected for a summer internship will be contacted via email and given five days to accept or reject the offer. After the allotted time, the offer will automatically expire.
For any more information on internship opportunities or assistance in applying, contact NASA Engineer and Registered Patent Attorney Kenneth Silberman at kenneth.a.silberman@nasa.gov.
Jason Daquelente
Contributing Writer

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