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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Spread the Word to End the 'R'-Word Day is March 2, 2016

The R-word hurts because it is exclusive. It's offensive. It's derogatory. The word hurts, even if it is not directed at a person with intellectual disabilities.
The "R-word” or "retard” has found a place in common language and seems to be accepted by so many.

The R-Word Campaign asks people to pledge to stop saying the R-word as a starting point toward creating more accepting attitudes and communities for all people. Language affects attitudes and attitudes affect actions. Pledge today to use respectful, people-first language.

People use the R-word, retarded, carelessly or as an insult. Special Olympics has a resource to stories about ways we've dealt with it at: Fighting the R-word, Worldwide.

Spread the Word to End the Word is an annual campaign spearheaded by Special Olympics to recognize that our choice of language frames how we treat others. Remember that the event can occur at any time throughout the month of March and beyond, so schools, community organizations, non for profits, churches, etc. can fit in their campaign on a day that is most convenient for their schedule. Schools have made the day meaningful, inclusive and engaging for their entire school community through several different ways (assemblies, pep rallies, fundraisers, student activities, etc.). There is resources, and merchandise available at the R-Word Store at:  http://www.r-wordstore.com/

Some of the resources are available at Special Olympics. though there are many local resources also.
The R-Word Campaign continues to be a wonderful resource, as well as a important part of disability pride.

Help us raise awareness about the hurtfulness of the R-word by pledging and sharing your stories year round.

Pledge Your Support via a Online Petition, and also share Your Story at: 

Not Acceptable R-word PSA

"Not Acceptable" is a powerful and compelling 30 second public service announcement which gives voice to a variety of diverse communities each of whom expresses that it is not acceptable to call them by what were once common words, but are now recognized as offensive slurs. It culminates in actress and self-advocate Lauren Potter from "Glee" stating that it is not acceptable to use the word 'retard' and she and "Glee" co-star Jane Lynch make a call to action to stop using the word and to promote the acceptance and inclusion of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and to make their pledge online at http://r-word.org.

The PSA was launched by the Spread the Word to End the Word campaign, an on-going initiative from Special Olympics and Best Buddies to eradicate the derogatory use of the word "retard(ed)" from everyday use and promote the inclusion and acceptance of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

"Not Acceptable" was executive produced by Jim Serpico and Tom Sellitti of New York based Apostle, and shot, produced and edited by Spot On Productions from City Island, NY.

The PSA is supported by several national advocacy organization including the Anti-Defamation League, Special Olympics, Best Buddies, GLAAD, The Hispanic Federation, National Puerto Rican Coalition, The Asian-American Foundation, AbilityPath.org and the NAACP.

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