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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

"A Whole Lott More" A Heartfelt Documentary about People with Disabilities Who Want to Work and Live the American Dream

The documentary "A WHOLE LOTT MORE" helps to bring awareness to employment issues for people with disabilities. The information below is from the website for the film.

"A Whole Lott More" is a moving, heartfelt documentary about three people with disabilities who want to work and to live the American dream. Through their eyes, the documentary examines the working world for people with disabilities in the US.

"A Whole Lott More" is a documentary feature film about employment issues for people with developmental disabilities.  The film follows three people - each with different attitude to employment and each with a different developmental disability - as they look for their perfect job.

From the filmmakers:
We made this film to bring more awareness to employment issues for people with disabilities. In a tough economy, everyone worries about their job, their home and their children’s futures. With so much on our minds, is there even space to think about the 80% of Americans with developmental disabilities who remain unemployed?

Around eight million people in America have a developmental disability. Those who work often find jobs in ‘workplaces’ - coalitions of businesses and social service agencies that traditionally provide manufacturing jobs. In Toledo, Ohio, there is Lott Industries. For decades Lott Industries competed successfully for auto industry contracts, employing 1200 workers with disabilities. With the collapse of the local auto industry in neighboring Detroit, Lott has struggled to keep its doors open.

A WHOLE LOTT MORE looks at the impact of Lott’s struggles and examines the wider world of employment options for people with disabilities. Our documentary focuses on three unforgettable individuals – each with a different attitude towards work and each with a different disability. The film showcases their incredible resilience and makes the case for greater employment opportunities for all.

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