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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Chicago High School for Agriculture Sciences to receive Funds for Chicago Equestrian program

originally published on Nov 13, 2014, this is the update.
Opportunities to special needs children and adults! 

Congratulations to Maggie Kendall and Chicago High School for Agriculture Sciences - Farmers Insurance Dream Big Challenge Winner!

Congratulates to Maggie Kendall and her students for their amazing efforts in getting out the vote for the Farmers Insurance Dream Big Challenge. Thank you Farmers Insurance for helping Maggie get closer to realizing her dream of building the City of Chicago's first therapeutic indoor riding facility!

Nov 13, 2014
The Farmers Insurance Dream Big Challenge is giving away five $100,000 grants to teachers across the country. We've narrowed it down to 15 finalists, and you can vote for your favorite through November at www.ThankAMillionTeachers.com. Learn more about our finalists and the big dreams they have for their communities.

Chicago High School for Agriculture Sciences is home to Chicago’s only working farm and is the only viable location for an equestrian program for regular and special needs kids and adults. The school’s population comprises 13 percent special needs students and 50 percent of the families are below the poverty level. Currently, students can only ride outside and, with Chicago winter’s being what they are, this severely limits the time the students have with the specially-trained horses. If Kendall were to win the $100,000 grant, she’d help fund an indoor arena, which would not only extend the program year round but also offer more opportunities to special needs children and adults throughout the area.

VOTE for  Raise the Barn Roof

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